How To Choose An Office Space In Auckland

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How To Choose An Office Space In Auckland

April 19, 2019 Office Moving 0

Choose Your Location Like You Would Your House

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When you look to buy a new house there are many things you check, for example local schools and other amenities, this is no different for when they’re looking at new office space around the city. Instead of checking out local schools you’ll be checking out local businesses that you could potential he be doing business with already . Look for things that might save you money like for example when your staff go down the road for lunch are there cafés and restaurants handy to your new location? The amount of time it takes employees to get lunch is a consideration to put on your list. Can your employees get there easily ? for example is traffic at peak hour going to be an issue for them? Happy staff makes for happy clients.

Choose Your Budget

This is going to probably be the biggest determining factor in choice of location. If you spend too much you might struggle to service the rent and have to move again and downsize, if you spin too little you may end up with the office premises you’re not happy with and your staff are not happy with and again you will be moving out in a short period of time. Double check the lease agreement and make sure there are no hidden costs, have a lawyer go over this document is there often for shocks that you may not pick up on your own. For example maintenance and other building related costs you didn’t know about Also don’t forget to budget for top office movers when doing the budget for the premises , factor in the costs up front


Security And Accessibility

Are there any additional security costs you don’t know about? For example alarm monitoring or night patrols, some landlords will add this into the fine print . And is the accessibility to the building safe and secure ? Have you checked to see if there are bars on some of the windows that could easily be broken into, some insurance companies will make it a requirement that you and bars to the windows especially in factories and business units as these can be easy targets for thieves.


Consider The Space Layout

Consider how you will lay out the office for your staff. Check important factors with some of your senior staff and see if there are any discussion points or objections they bring up. Does the office have existing fit out? It can be expensive to fit out an office with furniture and other related equipment so check this an advance.

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