Business Relocation Checklist – What To Organise When You Moves Office Or Commerial Premises

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Business Relocation Checklist – What To Organise When You Moves Office Or Commerial Premises

April 15, 2019 Office Moving 0

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Auckland Office moving companyIf you are relocating your business there are a number of things you should compile in the checklist and took these off as they are completed ahead of moving day.
Let’s take a look at the order and flow of how to create a business relocation checklist you can use to work with your Office Moving Company

Six months prior to the move

first create your checklist and include all the activities to be completed on moving day. Appoint yourself a project manager, a staff member who can oversee and facilitate all of the important decisions to do with the move.
Create a budget for the move and allocate some funding if it’s available. Meet with your employees and advise them of what is happening, keep them in the loop at all phases before and after the move.

Three months before the move

Contact and hire an Auckland moving company, allow yourself plenty of time do not leave this to the last moment
Order and arrange your new signage for the building as this will take some time to create. Also arrange business cards letter heads, envelopes and other stationary that you will require at the new address
Create a office floor plan and advise your team they are required to input into the new design to determine how best to lay out the new office. After all they spend 8 to 10 hours a day there so give them some choices

One month before the move

Arrange a new phone system if necessary and order the phone lines required. Start the process of cleaning out any junk in your old office or premises. This may take several weeks doing a little bit at a time to minimise the need to do it all at the end.
Arrange the necessary insurances and book in a security company to organize alarms and monitoring. By now you should have all the new stationary and other things required to run your business from the new address.

One week before moving day

Assemble the team and have a staff meeting, advise them of the plan over the last week as they will be a lot of small things to take care of including having your existing premises cleaned prior to the next company taking it over. Buy now you should have arranged keys and access cards or swipe cards for the new premises and you are all set for moving day.
The only thing left now is to work with the office moving company to smoothly transition your business over to the new address and have it up and running as quickly as possible. It’s best that the final few days of moving occur on the weekend so that you have Saturday and Sunday to finalize things ahead of your team arriving at the new address on Monday morning.

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